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Snazzy Birds

Lab gossip: Rumor has it that Space Inventor is currently building a couple of snazzy birds in their lab in the 500-year old castle in Aalborg, Denmark. These 2-unit CubeSat satellites will include a handful of specialized payload instruments surrounded by a solid, silent space segment platform of tomorrow…

ESA 4S Symposium 2016

Space Inventor’s first exhibition week went beyond any expectations! Everybody were very welcoming to our new micro-sat team and our controversial ideas, and we feel that we managed to spread the words: Let’s rock this boat – quality is this year’s black, and hi-tech is the new pink!

Space Inventor’s new site is up!

We’re proud to finally be able to present our products and capabilities in a structured and hopefully enjoyable way. Just as New Space is evolving in a raging pace, we will try and keep our site alive and updated with all the latest news, events, products and projects. Stay tuned.