The modules are formed with the performance of micro- and nano-satellites in mind.

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7 Channel Maximum Power Point Tracker and Battery Charger

BAT – P3

Integrated 6 to 8 cell Li-Ion Battery System


12 Channel Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit

GND – 2

Combined Transceiver, Power amplifier and Linux Computer for Satellite Ground Stations

OBC – P3

Versatile Onboard Computing Platform for Micro- and Nano- Satellites

TTC – P3

Dual Hot-Redundant VHF/UHF Satellite TT&C radio

Solar Panels

The PVP series are solar panels for Micro- and Nano-Satellites

REWL – 30

The REWL-30 is a 30mm high performance reaction wheel

REWL – 50

The REWL-50 is a 50mm high performance reaction wheel


The STAR-T3 is a compact autonomous star-tracker unit


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