To help you develop your payloads or supporting satellite bus systems, the

Bus Developer Stack

comes with Space Inventor’s

Groundstation Cloud Gateway.

This hooks the supplied ground segment radio up to the

Mission Dashboard,

that can be accessed from anywhere.

The Desktop Sat Kit consists of in integrated satellite powerplant with batteries and all the inconveniences of a satellite power chain. On top of that is a dual UHF transceiver connected via the CAN bus.

Outside this stack is antother UHF transceiver pretending to be a groundstation, and this is connected to the internet via the Groundstation Cloud Gateway (a little box with CAN bus and wi-fi).

Switch on the boxes, and you will have access to monitor and control your new “satellite” from the web-based mission dashboard, which is hosted by Space Inventor. Now, you can start plugging your payloads and other systems into the satellite CAN bus and power lines and start enjoying developing with satellite bus hardware in the loop!