2-Unit CubeSat

2-10 mm shielding

Rugged design


Easy Payload Integration

5 years design life

9 Watt Solar input power

40 Wh battery

1.7 kg + payload

Dual hot-redundant radios

Magnetic ADCS

3 deployable monopoles

Price from: 70,000 EUR

Delivery: 10 weeks

A novel design approach reduces part numbers in the satellite structure allowing for the easiest and most reliable integration procedure with 360° access to internal systems. Our satellites and sub-systems rely on thorough analysis, design and test to ensure successful operation in space.


The satellite platform is designed with reliability as the primary design driver. It uses the shielded hi-rel subsystems: Batteries, power conditioning and distribution, communication and attitude control. Each system has its own radiation shielding, EMI shielding, thermal conduction path, and mechanical support.

Payload Accommodation:

– 3.3V, 5V or unregulated battery supply

– up to 6 power channels

– Data interface: CAN with CSP protocol

– Compatible with CubeSat Kit (PC104)

– Glenair Micro-D mechanical interface connector

– Available volume: 1.25 units


– Mass: 1.7 kg (excluding payload)

– Form factor: 2U CubeSat

– Material: AL7075-T6 + Alodine


– Dual hot-redundant transceivers

– UHF Half Duplex

– FSK 4800, 9600, 19200 Baud

– Coding: Convolutional + block code

– Protocol: CSP

Power Plant:

– Photo voltaic Body-fixed panels

– AzurSpace 3G30A cells: 5S x 4 + 2S x 2

– Batteries: LiIon 7.4V 40Wh

– Output busses: 12 (6 available for payloads)

Attitude Determination and Control:

– Magnetic sensing

– Magnetorquers w. redundant controllers

– Autonomous stabilisation (no pointing)