Modular power system

Suitable for 6U satellites

Solar power point tracker

Micro/nano satellites

5 years design life

0-28V input

4 MPPT channels

12 protected outputs


CAN bus

Price from: 7,000 EUR

Delivery: 4 weeks

The Powerplant comes with Space Inventor’s Cloud Gateway

which hooks the module up to the

System Monitoring Dashboard,

that can be accessed from anywhere.

Next generation EPS for micro and nanosatellites designed for thermal stability, shielding, EMI prevention and mechanical ruggedness. It is based on modular design and has a PC104-friendly hole pattern allowing stacking into existing PC104 satellites. Internally, critical sub-circuits are individually shielded and thermally coupled.


– Remove-Before-Flight and kill switch interface

– Data interface: CAN with CSP protocol

– Compatible with CubeSat Kit (PC104)

– Glenair Micro-D mechanical interface connectors

– Overvoltage / undervoltage protection

– External battery pack is available at an added cost.


– Dimensions: 94 mm x 88 mm x 24 mm

– Battery: external – not included.

– Temperature range -40 C to +60 C

– Mass: 150 g

– IPC-A-610 Class 3 assembly

– TID: 5 years in SSO / 15 Years in ISS orbit


Overall system efficiency: >80%

PV inputs:

– 4 separate MPPT controlled channels

each rated up to 16W. (Optional up to 8 channels)

– Input voltage: 1V <> 28V

– Optional choice of either buck (default) or boost converters


2 output modules:

– 6 x latchup protected, configurable (Bat, 12V, 5V or 3.3V)

total power up to 20W

– 6 x latchup protected, configurable (Bat, 12V, 5V or 3.3V)

total power up to 20W