Space Inventor specializes in custom-made products

We offer everything from small customized changes in standard products to made-to-order products.

Space Inventor can offer reliable and agile development of space systems that fits your needs based on the variety of existing modular products and our year-long experience in making flight hardware and software.


3U deployable panels

Customized 3U Satellite Platform

Space Inventor has delivered an advanced 3U satellite platform for an IoT customer with high requirements for power for the IoT payload and propulsion system and with several deployable antennas.

To produce a very compact 3U satellite, Space Inventor and the customer entered into a co-development project where Space Inventor, with our innovative approach, designed and manufactured a 3U satellite with double deployable solar panels including a novel hold down and release mechanism.

Additionally, the delivery includes a deployable VHF/UHF antenna system and a deployable panel for the S-band antenna.

To ease integration for the future constellation, Space Inventor upgraded our avionics systems for EPS and TTC. Furthermore, a compact and integrated ADCS solution with 4 reaction wheels (REWL-30) was also designed including different sensors leading to the release of the ADCS-R3 and FFS-1 products.

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FWL-560 10

Development of a Larger Flywheel

Making reliable and efficient reaction wheels is one of Space Inventor’s key competencies, and we were chosen by a European customer to develop a customized larger flywheel with special requirements for momentum, size, weight, and power consumption.

Initially, a prototype of the flywheel, providing a momentum of 0,5 Nms at 10.000 RPM, was made to verify the behavior and performance of the flywheel following the EM manufacturing and qualification campaign.

Building the prototype and getting it up and running went considerably smoothly since the control software, with minor modifications, could be reused from the existing REWL-30/50 products.

The flywheel compared to the REWL-50 reaction wheel

The flywheel compared to the REWL-50 reaction wheel


Battery Package for a Microsatellite

Based on our modular design of our reliable BAT-P3, Space Inventor is developing a battery package with more than 500 Whr for an American based customer in a very short timeframe.

The solution includes an upgrade to support 28V nominal battery voltage with cell balancing and redundancy.