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Written by Astrid Kjeldal October 25, 2021

Laboratory For Atmospheric and Space Physics, LASP Space Technology Research Center signed a contract with Space Inventor in May 2019 to deliver a pair of large deployable solar arrays for their highly advanced CTIM Satellite mission.  This solar power plant can deliver more than 80 W of electrical power to the satellite once deployed in orbit.

Just last week, Tim Hellickson from LASP visited Space Inventor and assisted in the final factory acceptance testing alongside our engineers, thus concluding Space inventor’s delivery to this important project.  It has been a 2-year engineering mission to look beyond our own predisposed limitations for solar panel design requiring us to combine our proven technology with the design philosophies from LASP. The final product is the result of a very close collaboration between LASP and Space Inventor engineers.

The solar arrays are brought back to University of Colorado Boulder for testing and integration onto the satellite, which is constructed with the aim of providing measurements of total solar irradiance contributing to our understanding of Earth’s climate change. The CTIM satellite project is part of NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s CubeSat Launch Initiative.


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