Designing and Building a Flatsat for ESA/ESTEC

Space Inventor has won a contract with ESA/ESTEC to design and build a flatsat-style test bed with all Space Inventor’s satellite avionics products installed.

A flatsat is a large motherboard where satellite avionics modules can be installed and connected as if it was inside a real satellite. Space Inventor’s new flatsat has 12 slots that support installation of either Space Inventor satellite modules or PC-104 modules. When fully populated with Space Inventor’s modules, the flatsat test bed makes it possible to train the operation of a complete satellite while having the flexibility to swap out systems and try different configurations as well as develop and test user software.

Space Inventor’s flatsat test bed is supplied with all the core avionics products required for a small satellite:

  • Maximum power point tracker optimises the power input from solar panels
  • Power conditioning unit supplies protected and conditioned power to the satellite
  • Battery electrical energy storage
  • On-board computer to run mission software
  • SDR computer highly capable computer for real-time data processing
  • Attitude control system with wheels, torquers, IMU and computer
  • TT&C radio reliable radio link between satellite and ground station
  • Ground support equipment ground station radio and flatsat interface computer
Space Inventor’s test bed to ESA/ESTEC

The product is expected to be delivered in August 2020. 

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