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Written by Astrid Kjeldal September 6, 2021

Last year, we signed a contract with the American company Gravity Space to deliver a 16U satellite for insertion in geosynchronous orbit. The satellite will be performing various complex maneuvers to move between different orbital slots. Knowing that this would be a pioneering satellite in several aspects, we and the customer took on the project with great excitement and optimism for the outcome – well aware that there were many challenges ahead.

Flash-forward to now, we are thrilled to tell that we have a project that is on track and a satellite well underway. Last week, Mark Thompson, Owner and CEO of Gravity Space, paid us a visit to attend the beginning of the integration phase and discuss challenges and solutions with the project team. About his collaboration with Space Inventor, he says: “The first cubesat in geosynchronous orbit entails significant challenges and responsibilities. Space Inventor has met these face-on and found innovative solutions. I was very impressed with the Space Inventor facilities and the high level of expertise brought to bear on the program. The progress made by the team is excellent, and spacecraft integration is well ahead of schedule. Their flexibility and ability to overcome challenging problems gives me the confidence to hopefully bring additional spacecraft contracts to Space Inventor in the very near future,” Mark Thompson, Gravity Space.

The satellite is scheduled for launch in March 2022 and we look forward to inviting you in on the journey.

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