Space Inventor IMU
State of the art report 2023
1U and larger satellites


Inertial Measurement Unit with integrated gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer for satellites. 

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Inertial measurement unit with integrated gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer for satellites.

The IMU-P4 is a compact and rugged inertial measurement unit comprising two redundant Murata SCHA63T 6-DOF XYZ-axis Gyroscope and XYZ-axis Accelerometer and two RM3100 magnetometers as well as temperature sensors. The two redundant sets of sensors are interfaced via two redundant microcontrollers and redundant CAN bus interfaces.


Dual redundant sensors
6 Degree of freedom IMU sensor
3 axis magnetometer
Temperature sensor
Bias instability down to 1°/h level
Noise density level 0.0015°/s/√H
+/- 3g
4905 LSB/g
± 1100 µT
15 nT
147 Hz
CAN bus + CSP 2.0 protocol
Power consumption
200 mW
Aluminium housing
50.5 x 50.5 x 10 mm
150 g
Radiation total dose tested EEE parts
Vibration rated for all launch vehicles
5 years design lifetime

Mechanical drawing

Space Inventor Inertial Measurement Unit Blueprint

Available in satellites

Space Inventor SDA Close Up

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16U Hyperspectral 200mm

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Space Inventor 6U AIS VDES


Enhance maritime communication and navigation using Space Inventor’s AIS/VDES satellite platform equipped with Space Inventor’s high performing 3 element crossed deployable yagi antenna.

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Space Inventor 6U Satellite

6U Satellite

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Space Inventor 3U Satellite

3U Satellite

Our cutting-edge 3U CubeSat platform, engineered with modular subsystems for adaptability to diverse mission objectives. 

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Space Inventor 3U Satellite


Space Inventor’s student satellite platform is made for research and education purposes. 

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