reaction wheels with momentum storage of 500 mNms delivered!

Last week, Space Inventor delivered three reaction wheels with momentum storage capacity of 500 mNms to VEOWARE SPACE. These reaction wheel units were designed and developed in a timeframe of two to three months based on our modular and parametric reaction wheel design process. While the overall construction lends from our smaller models, the WHL-500 incorporates full electric redundancy from the input to the windings, and the product is aimed at mid- to high-end micro satellites with high agility and stability requirements. The project is a joint effort with VEOWARE SPACE, who also paid us a visit last week to attend the completion of the reaction wheels and discuss the final details just before delivery.

We have different sizes of reaction wheels based on flight proven design and we are currently expanding our series even further with reaction wheels of 1000 mNms and beyond.

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