As a full scale supplier of micro and nanosatellites Space Inventor offers support in all areas of satellite design and mission analysis, planning and operations. Our main service areas are:

Reliability-driven satellites and subsystems in the micro and nano-range with minimum lifetime of 5 years.

Qualification program design, specification, development and post-tests analyses.

Space program and project management including mission analysis, design and planning.

Full mission operations or support for specific elements such as LEOP, commissioning and maintenance.

Space environmental engineering and space radiation analysis.

Development of customised space system from design to flight units.

Assembly, integration and test of complete micro and nanosatellite solutions including integration of customer payload.

Support and knowledge transfer training engineers and operators in all processes around designing and flying a mission in space.

Mission design

As an agile space company, Space Inventor is working with a flexible and adaptive approach, making most value for money and to secure mission success. To support this process Space Inventor works with a model developed by ESA to ensure all steps are being executed correctly. The project plan is based on ESA’s IOD model for CubeSats that can be implemented fully or tailored to the specific needs of the project where it is being applied. The model includes all the necessary reviews to ensure the satellite design is compliant to the mission requirements.

Space Inventor has in-house expertise for all aspects and phases of a space mission design and analysis, from basic orbit propagation and revisit analysis through propulsion budgets, payload contacts, event detections, orbit maneuver planning and full mission planning. The following is a non-exhaustive list of Space Inventor’s capabilities on Mission Design and Mission Analysis:



  • Orbit design, optimization, and selection
  • Launch window analysis
  • Control design
  • Sensitivity and Monte Carlo
  • Event detection/prediction
  • Navigation data simulation
  • Propulsion system sizing
  • End-of-life modelling


We know that customization can be an important aspect of securing mission success and sometimes it is only small changes in a design that is needed to meet specific requirements. If small changes or tweaks aren’t enough or if you are looking for an experienced supplier of fully customized satellites and subsystems we offer made-to-order products for your project. We work with agile development of space systems that fits your needs based on the variety of existing modular products and our year-long experience in making flight hardware and software.


We always strive to accommodate our customers needs and wishes in our standard product designs and we often make new feature-updates or design changes to deliver the highest standard and to keep pushing the boundaries for product performance and reliability. With our scalable subsystems and rapid development approach we cover made-to-order development for both POWER, OBDH, AOCS, COMMS as well as satellite structures and panels.


Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have a special product inquiry – we often have new products in the pipeline and maybe it’s exactly what you need for your mission.