Space Inventor has moved to a new and bigger office!

With more room to expand and to work on exciting satellite projects we are very happy with our new home.

You can now find Space Inventor’s new office at Skibbrogade 3, 1. tv, 9000 Aalborg.  

Approximately a week ago, we moved into our new office space which is located no more than 150 meters from our old office. The new office is three times bigger than our previous office. This is providing us plenty of squaremeters for labs, clean rooms, workshops and a big open office space.

In connection with our move-in and Space Inventor’s five year anniversary coming up in September, we want to invite customers, business partners, family and friends to a combined move-in and anniversary celebration Friday, September 4th 2020.

The celebration will be held at Skibbrogade 3 from 2 PM – 6 PM (or until the last person(s) leave). If you are just curious to know who we are and what we do you are more than welcome to participate in the celebration as well.

We will greatly appreciate if you drop an email to and announce your participation.

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