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Written by Astrid Kjeldal March 18, 2021

We are very happy to be chosen as supplier of the first satellite under the Danish Student CubeSat Program (DISCO) scheduled to launch in mid 2022 with Momentus as launch service provider.

The DISCO satellite will be a 1U platform flying student experiments for in-orbit testing. This will give the students the opportunity to test their work on an opeartional satellite and thereby link theory and practice. DISCO-1 will be used in educational contexts at Danish Universities and High Schools to provide students with experince in satellite operations and spark the interest for STEM educations and the many opportunities in the space sector. In addition to hosting different student experiments the satellite will also be used by radio amateurs across the globe.

At Space Inventor we are very pleased to be a part of furthering the opportunities in Danish space-related educations. Having several employees that have started their own journey by working on student satellite projects in their university days, and being an employeer in the space industry, we understand the value of combining theory with practice as early as possible to constantly challenge and develop competencies through hands-on experience.

The DISCO Program is developed under the Danish Partnership for Space Related Educations and supported by The Danish Industry Foundation. The educational institutions in the partnership are Aarhus University (AU) as Project Owner, Aalborg University (AAU), University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and IT University of Copenhagen (ITU).

For more details about the DISCO satellite and the student experiments see (article in Danish):

Read about the DISCO Project and partners here (article in Danish):


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