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Full scale supplier of micro and nano satellites specializing in customized solutions and made-to-order product development

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    More space for satellite activities

    At Space Inventor we are currently experiencing our own big bang. A few weeks ago we added 500 extra squaremeters to our premises and we now have a total of 1200 square meters for satellite activities ✨🏢

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    Space Inventor to provide Danish Student CubeSat

    Danish students will be learning about satellite operations and fly their own experiments with a 1U satellite from Space Inventor.

  • Space Inventor - Edison IOD Mission

    Space Inventor awarded funding for IOD Mission scheduled for 2022

    Our EDISON IOD satellite is now a reality with support from ESA and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. Launch is planned for 2022.

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    3U CubeSat using Space Inventor platform launched on Transporter-1 mission

    Frontrunner IOT satellite using Space Inventor’s 3U platform launched on the Falcon-9 ride-share mission this Sunday. Contact established from first pass.

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    Announce your participation in Space Inventor’s reception

    Due to COVID-19, we kindly ask that you announce your participation in Space Inventor’s reception. This is in order to take the necessary precautions to avoid the spread of infection.  Please email to announce your participation.  The reception will be held from 2 PM – 6 PM on Friday, September 4th 2020. It will be held […]

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    Space Inventor is participating in virtual SmallSat 2020

    On Saturday, the 34th annual Small Satellite Conference (SmallSat 2020) will begin. Due to COVID-19, SmallSat will be held virtually. CSO Jacob M. Nissen will be available online on August 3, 4, and 6. Anyone interested in meeting online with Jacob will be able to join an online session on the said dates from 12-2 […]

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    Space Inventor has moved to a new and bigger office!

    With more room to expand and to work on exciting satellite projects we are very happy with our new home. You can now find Space Inventor’s new office at Skibbrogade 3, 1. tv, 9000 Aalborg.   Approximately a week ago, we moved into our new office space which is located no more than 150 meters from […]

  • FlatSat to ESA_ESTEC

    Designing and Building a Flatsat for ESA/ESTEC

    Space Inventor has won a contract with ESA/ESTEC to design and build a flatsat-style test bed with all Space Inventor’s satellite avionics products installed. A flatsat is a large motherboard where satellite avionics modules can be installed and connected as if it was inside a real satellite. Space Inventor’s new flatsat has 12 slots that […]

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    Space Inventor is Contributing to Papers for GNC 2021

    In collaboration with Aalborg University, our control engineer, Lasse Bromose, and CEO, Karl Kaas, has written a paper regarding a constrained nonlinear model predictive control for CubeSat attitude control.