Space Inventor is a satellite engineering company set up by a team of some of the most experienced micro and nanosatellite engineers and entrepreneurs in the industry on the belief that cubesats needed to take a big leap towards greater reliability and greater responsibility in relation to the customers and stakeholders who put their trust in the space-worthiness of the systems. 

The design team has worked together on avionics modules spanning the entire range of nano- and micro-satellite busses since the early 2000s, and during that period taken part in re-defining the quality level of micro and nanosatellite products several times.

To service the market, Space Inventor offers a series of standard avionics products within power, on-board computers, radio communication, and ADCS systems and also fully integrated satellite missions. Furthermore, we understand the need for tailoring and customising the individual missions, hence we also provide engineering services for custom development and mission design. 

With the experienced team at Space Inventor, we are able to provide a fast track of making reliable new-space solutions with high quality and performance that matches our clients’ mission requirements. 


  • Reliability-driven satellites and subsystems in the micro and nano-range with minimum lifetime of 5 years

  • Space program and project management including mission analysis, design and planning

  • Space environmental engineering and space radiation analysis

  • Assembly, integration and test of complete micro and nanosatellite solutions including integration of customer payload

  • Qualification program design, specification, development and post-tests analyses

  • Development of customised space system from design to flight units

  • Full mission operations or support for specific elements such as LEOP, commissioning and maintenance

  • Support and knowledge transfer training engineers and operators in all processes around designing and flying a mission in space


All Space Inventor components are hardened by design and formed with micro-satellite performance in mind. The ultra modular approach allows our reliable modules to be interchangeable between micro- and nano-satellites, which is apparent through the use of stand-alone enclosures with hi-rel connectors. Our design process takes a number of quality-enhancing steps towards reliability of our products – providing a steady base for rapid product development:


At Space Inventor we have a variety of in-house facilities to support to full process from design to flight ready satellites and subsystems. Having the nessecary facilities and tools at hand allows us to work in-depth with all aspects of our product development stages. We have an adaptable production space, so whether we are building complete satellites or single subsystems we are prepared for the tasks. Our premises include:





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