CEO at Space Inventor, Innovator in Space and Defence Technology

Leadership and Innovation:

As the CEO of Space Inventor, I lead a team dedicated to advancing the frontiers of space and defense technology. Our engagement in significant international projects demonstrates our capacity to innovate and excel in these sectors.

Growth and Expansion:

With a rapidly growing team, now numbering over 50, we're expanding our horizons by building Northern Europe's largest new-space satellite factory in Aalborg. This ambitious project symbolizes our commitment to scale operations and boost our technological impact.

Clientele and Commitment:

Catering to a diverse clientele, including large space and defense primes, governments, and leading entrepreneurs, Space Inventor is a trusted name in the industry. We are committed to transforming innovative scientific ideas into commercially viable space solutions, continually pushing the limits of exploration and technological advancement.


Karl Kaas
Chief Executive Officer & Owner at Space Inventor

Karl Kaas, Space Inventor CEO


Projects delivered


Modules in orbit


Satellites in production

60 mio DKK


History and Legacy


Expands to large factory


Delivers first geostationary satellite, which is the world`s smallest - and it works!


Receives first order for geostationary satellite


Receives first order for 2 satellites


Founding of Space Inventor with a renewed level of ambition


Founding his first satellite company


Point of No Return

SSETI Express launches, and two other satellite projects are underway


Karl participates in the ESA satellite project SSETI Express


Ørsted Satellite inspires a new generation of Danish Space engineers.


Karl starts an electronics club as a child

Missions through the years

2024: STEP mission
2024: SIGHT
2023: Windcube
2023: Satellites for OQ Technology
2023: DISCO Missions
2022: BIFROST - Microsatellite for the Danish Defence
2021: Visiona
2021: Gravity Space
2021: ESA Edison Mission
2021: 16U satellite for QSTC
2021: 16U for Infinite Orbits
2020: Sternula
2019: Hiber

Management Team

Karl Kaas, Space Inventor CEO

Karl Kaas

Chief Executive Officer & Owner at Space Inventor

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Peter D.

Head of Business Development and Strategy

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Johan C.

Chief Technology Officer

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Mads G. T.

Chief Operating Officer

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Jens E. A.

Director of Manufacturing

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Ole H.

Head of Project Office

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Troels Jessen

Head of Software

Trusted Partners