Space Inventor and Aster Labs reach agreement for us and Canada sales venture


Space Inventor and ASTER Labs reach agreement for US and Canada sales venture

Shoreview, MN – ASTER Labs, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Space Inventor ApS to provide sales of nanosatellite, or “CubeSat,” products in the United States and Canada.

ASTER Labs is a preeminent innovator of spacecraft navigation technologies and Space Inventor is an emerging satellite engineering company specializing in robust nano- and microsatellite systems that have a minimum lifespan of five years.  The agreement between ASTER Labs and Space Inventor improves access to CubeSat products for government, academic, and commercial research and development.

ASTER Labs will begin immediate operations to support sales of Space Inventor products within the United States and Canada.

ASTER Labs’ CEO and Founder, Dr. Suneel I. Sheikh said, “ASTER Labs is excited about the opportunity this agreement brings to universities and businesses in the United States and Canada. Space Inventor has created a high quality, reliable, and competitive system of nanosatellite products that will be a valuable aid to future CubeSat missions. As the space industry has grown and CubeSats have become a favorable option for numerous space science missions, it is a significant opportunity to be able to offer advanced and robust CubeSat components from a team that has a vast reputable and significant background in nanosatellite technologies. CubeSats have steadily developed appeal as a mainstream option from government space agencies, university research groups, and even high school classrooms. ASTER Labs looks forward to working with Space Inventor as we share a mutual goal of cultivating and expanding the nanosatellite market and opening imaginations to the final frontier.”

Space Inventor’s CEO and Founder Karl Kaas states, “Establishing a partnership with ASTER Labs significantly increases Space Inventor’s product reach worldwide. We are excited about this opportunity to work closely with a company that has previous CubeSat sales experience and we believe that partnering with ASTER Labs complements our business model. We look forward to the possibility of growth that accompanies expansion into the North American market. Space Inventor’s engineering expertise and attention to detail coupled with ASTER Labs’ excellent customer service and sales support knowledge will combine to form a fruitful partnership focused on the consumer.”

ASTER Labs works to provide full service and support for nanosatellite missions that includes CubeSat component technical sales and support, hardware and software customization support based on project needs, and project development based on research budget and goals. The collaboration between ASTER Labs and Space Inventor is expected to develop further growth in the US nanosatellite market. The new agreement will support research and development as well as satellite launch, deployment, and operations.

About Space Inventor ApS

Space Inventor ApS, of Aalborg, Denmark, was founded in 2015. Space Inventor has focused on designing, building and testing a variety of avionics products in order to meet the need for professional, industrialized nanosatellites that meet a minimum of a five-year life span. Space Inventor uses a modular approach that allows for components to be interchangeable between micro- and nanosatellites. Space Inventor understands the need for customization when developing individual missions; therefore, they also provide engineering services for custom development and mission design. Space Inventor strives to provide fast solutions with the highest quality and performance to meet each client’s mission needs.

About ASTER Labs, Inc.

ASTER Labs, Inc., Shoreview, MN, was founded in 2004 and is a research and development firm that primarily focuses on advanced topics in the aerospace industry. It also provides engineering services and prototype development for numerous customers. Research within the company is concentrated on the analysis of aerospace systems and sub-systems with potential for significant contributions to related technology, such as space vehicle systems, medical sensor development, and personal consumer products. ASTER Labs has pursued environmental analysis for applications related to the topics above. ASTER Labs develops and licenses its own intellectual property. ASTER Labs has an established record of utilizing its research to support science and engineering education, with active students regularly integrated into its work environment.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Space Inventor ApS at or visit the website at

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