Successful PDR of the BIFROST project

The BIFROST cooperation will demonstrate the means of an AI based surveillance satellite in 2024

Space Inventor, Terma, Gatehouse SatCom and DTU have achieved a milestone in its development of the AI based surveillance satellite with the completion of the Preliminary Design Review (PDR).

Designed for the Danish Defence Acquisitions and Logistics Organisation, the satellite will test AI-based target search and detection in space and real-time access to communication between inter-linked satellites - and thereby demonstrating tactical earth observation. 

The PDR is part of the process ensuring that the technical design meets the set requirements for a high performing AI satellite supporting operational activities in the Arctic Region. 

The review follows a contract awarded by the Danish Defence Acquisitions and Logistics Organisation back in August this year. 

Just three months after project start, the cooperation led by Space Inventor has completed the preliminary design activities, outlined the tasks and reports needed to meet the high requirements for this project as well as accepted the overall mission and satellite design. 

The next step is the Critical Design Review (CDR) where the AI models are developed, and the detailed design of the payload and the spacecraft itself are completed. The satellite is planned for launch in early 2024.

BIFROST cooperation leader:
Dennis Bo Hansen, Space Inventor

The BIFROST cooperation includes: DTU, Terma, Gatehouse SatCom and Space Inventor as leader of the cooperation.

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