Space Inventor 12U Satellite
Flight proven TRL9
State of the art report 2023

12U Satellite

Our 12U CubeSat features modular subsystems, allowing for customizable configurations to meet various operational needs.

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Mission example

- Capable of maneuvering from different orbital slots in Geostationary orbit
- Precision Agriculture Monitoring for Optimal Crop Management
- Environmental Hazard Detection, Including Oil Spills and Chemical Leaks





Our 12U CubeSat features modular subsystems, allowing for customizable configurations to meet various operational needs. With a novel design approach that reduces part numbers and enables 360° access to internal systems, integration is seamless and reliable. Our satellites undergo thorough analysis, design, and testing to ensure successful space operations.

Designed with reliability and performance in mind, our satellite platform utilizes shielded, high-reliability subsystems including batteries, power distribution, communication, and attitude control. Each subsystem is equipped with radiation shielding, EMI shielding, thermal management, and mechanical support for optimal functionality.

Experience extreme ruggedness and streamlined integration with our satellite platform, built for efficiency and operational readiness in space deployment scenarios.


Payload Mass (Kg)
6-9 kg
Payload Volume
6-8 Units
1-2 x gas or ion
Payload power peak
100 W
Reaction wheels
4 x WHL 100
Payload power average
15 W / 50 W / 120 W
Battery Capacity
100-200 Whr
Data Buses
Redundant CAN / Ethernet / SpaceWire
On-Board computer
Redundant Cortex-M7 /redundant Zync-7030
Bus provided redundant user data storage
Up to 64 GB
ADCS Pointing accuracy adv. option 1
Down to 5 arcsec
ADCS sensors
6 Fine sun sensors, 1-2 star tracker, 2 gyros
Primary communications
S band 4 Mbps
High Speed links
2 x S/X band 4 - 200 Mbps
Solar Peak power production
34 W / 85 W / 200 W
Available for GEO with reduced payload capacity and reduced link speed
State-of-the-art power distribution modules for efficient energy management
Equipped with a suite of cutting-edge attitude sensors, including star trackers, fine sun sensors, and IMU, ensuring high accuracy pointing knowledge
Capable of manoeuvring from different orbital slots in Geostationary orbit
Four best-in-class momentum wheels with low micro-vibration levels guarantee precise control
Secure decommissioning of satellite after mission
Safe decommissioning: Atmosphere disposal protocol

Mechanical drawing

Space Inventor 12U Satellite Blueprint

Available modules in satellite

Space Inventor Momentum Wheel 1000

Momentum Wheel

Space Inventor presents high-performance momentum wheel units, meticulously designed for microsatellite missions with mission lifetimes of up to 5 years.
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Space Inventor IMU


Inertial Measurement Unit with integrated gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer for satellites. 

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Space Inventor Magnetorquer


The MT-P4 magnetorquer rod is an integrated solution designed for momentum dumping of LEO satellites.
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Space Inventor Star Tracker


Star Tracker unit for mini- and microsatellites.

The star tracker is based on advanced star-tracking algorithms developed by Space Inventor. The embedded computer processing unit is built on highly reliable COTS components. The compact rad-hard camera’s optics collect enough signal to track across the entire celestial vault with full performance up to 0.3º/s. 

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Space Inventor Fine Sun Sensor

Fine Sun Sensor

The highly integrated fine sun sensor uses four photodiodes to estimate the sun direction vector with a precision of 1º.
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Space Inventor On-Board Computer


The OBC-P4 is an onboard computing platform consisting of four independent ARM Cortex-M7 modules, each with separate power supply, interfacing, and storage.
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