Space Inventor Geostationary BIU Microsatellite Close Up

Geostationary BIU Microsatellite

Small geostationary communications satellite engineered for LEO or GTO launch.

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Small geostationary communications satellite engineered for LEO or GTO launch.

Experience the future of accessible satellite communication technology with Space Inventor’s ESPA-class microsatellite platform tailored for geostationary communications services.

Our microsatellite possesses the latest advances in onboard propulsion enabling effortless manoeuvring from Geostationary Transfer Orbit or even circular Low Earth Orbit  to Geostationary Orbit. Multiple transponder options available.


Orbit raising to GEO from equatorial LEO or GTO in 6-8 months
Ka/Ku band single beam transponders
500 mm deployable reflectors for 1200 km footprint
500 mm deployable reflectors for 1200 km footprint
Fall back global horn for TMTC at 100-1000 kbps
Redundant fallback TMTC on S-band and X band
Two-string redundant avionics bus
400 watt sun tracking solar arrays
15” separation ring, Falcon 9 Quarter plate compatible
Deployed dimensions: 4.4m x 1.5m x 0.5m
Wet mass: 60-70 kg
Safe decommissioning: Atmosphere disposal protocol

Available modules in satellite

Space Inventor Momentum Wheel 1000

Momentum Wheel

Space Inventor presents high-performance momentum wheel units, meticulously designed for microsatellite missions with mission lifetimes of up to 5 years.
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Space Inventor IMU


Inertial Measurement Unit with integrated gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer for satellites. 

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Space Inventor Magnetorquer


The MT-P4 magnetorquer rod is an integrated solution designed for momentum dumping of LEO satellites.
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Space Inventor Star Tracker


Star Tracker unit for mini- and microsatellites.

The star tracker is based on advanced star-tracking algorithms developed by Space Inventor. The embedded computer processing unit is built on highly reliable COTS components. The compact rad-hard camera’s optics collect enough signal to track across the entire celestial vault with full performance up to 0.3º/s. 

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Space Inventor Fine Sun Sensor

Fine Sun Sensor

The highly integrated fine sun sensor uses four photodiodes to estimate the sun direction vector with a precision of 1º.
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Space Inventor On-Board Computer


The OBC-P4 is an onboard computing platform consisting of four independent ARM Cortex-M7 modules, each with separate power supply, interfacing, and storage.
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