Space Inventor 6U Satellite
Flight proven TRL9
State of the art report 2023

6U Tactical Communications

Space Inventor’s high performing 6U satellite for tactical and secure communication between space and earth. 

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Space Inventor’s high performing 6U satellite for tactical and secure communication between space and earth. 

With a projected 10-year mission life, it assures enduring performance. Employing robust AES-256 encryption, it guarantees secure communication. Access is fortified through SSH, WebAPI, and stringent password protocols.

This satellite serves as your conduit to advanced and secure space-based communication. Elevate your capabilities with our advanced technology, enabling tactical and secure communication between satellite and Earth.

The mission application can be used across bigger platforms. 


Tactical communication: Secure space-to-Earth data exchange
AES-256 encryption: Ensures robust data protection
Sun synchronous LEO orbit: Optimal coverage and precision
Long-lasting operational capability
Space Inventor subsystems: High-performance, low EMI integration
Cubesat Space Protocol 2.0: Efficient internal/external communication
Secure access: SSH, WebAPI, password authentication
Countdown timer: Enables tactical routing for continuity
Payload access: Unrestricted via CSH shell
Safe decommissioning: Atmosphere disposal protocol
Safe decommissioning: Atmosphere disposal protocol

Mechanical drawing

Space Inventor 6U Satellite Blueprint

Available modules in satellite

Space Inventor Momentum Wheel 1000

Momentum Wheel

Space Inventor presents high-performance momentum wheel units, meticulously designed for microsatellite missions with mission lifetimes of up to 5 years.
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Space Inventor IMU


Inertial Measurement Unit with integrated gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer for satellites. 

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Space Inventor Magnetorquer


The MT-P4 magnetorquer rod is an integrated solution designed for momentum dumping of LEO satellites.
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Space Inventor Star Tracker


Star Tracker unit for mini- and microsatellites.

The star tracker is based on advanced star-tracking algorithms developed by Space Inventor. The embedded computer processing unit is built on highly reliable COTS components. The compact rad-hard camera’s optics collect enough signal to track across the entire celestial vault with full performance up to 0.3º/s. 

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Space Inventor Fine Sun Sensor

Fine Sun Sensor

The highly integrated fine sun sensor uses four photodiodes to estimate the sun direction vector with a precision of 1º.
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Space Inventor On-Board Computer


The OBC-P4 is an onboard computing platform consisting of four independent ARM Cortex-M7 modules, each with separate power supply, interfacing, and storage.
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